04 Jan

Microsoft Flight Simulator always makes you feel like you are a pilot flying a plane, but maybe it's the first when you will be experiencing this currently. Wi, Asobo Studio Studio has added support for OpenXR-compatible headsets with the recent free update from Microsoft Flight Simulator, which consists of HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift (for link cable).

Initially, Microsoft reported that the VR feature would be starting things out to the HP Reverb G2. This most recent update consists of support for most Windows Mixed Reality headsets, HTC headsets, Valve, and Oculus.Before, while playing Flight Simulator in case, you needed to feel like you were truly in an airplane, it would take a great deal of some carpentry skills and PC screens. And still, you have the option to make your environmental factors resemble or seem like the cockpit of an airplane's single model.

 Currently, all you'll require is a VR headset and obviously powerful PC to run it at a resolution that is screen can pass an inch from your eyes.Ryzen 5 1500X or i5-8400 paired with 1080 were recorded as basic specs when Microsoft ran a feature's beta trial. With the snow and ice to various weather conditions, the update provides the world a winter makeover on the game's real-time weather simulation.Presently in the game, flying over the North Pole becomes somewhat abnormal, not least of which as it's all water with no ice.

 In real life, as you would imagine, that region is generally very icy, so the exciting thing could be to see if the new climate conditions will make this zone all the more realistic to life.Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator stated in a blog post that the game window adds true-to-life ice and real-time snow coverage to the entire planet. Users interested in trying VR can press Ctrl+Tab, the default keyboard shortcut to turn it on. In the case of customized keyboard mapping, check the VR tab in the settings.

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