13 May


You are helped by this article change your six-digit PIN. This technique requires you know your previous six-digit PIN to authenticate the PIN change.

IMPORTANT: This short article mentions features in McAfee Mobile Security which have been removed in version 5.in February 2019 2 which was released. These features were removed to adhere to Google’s updated application development policies that restrict developer usage of certain elements of the Android operating-system.

The affected features are highlighted below. If an MMS is being used by you version earlier than 5.2, you can continue steadily to use these features. But, when you update to 5.2 or later, these features are no available longer. To find out more about why these features were removed, see TS102890.

People use to improve their McAfee Mobile Security Pin code when they fear so much someone might crack the code and access their mobile data. The mobile version of McAfee Anti-virus Security gives you to safeguard your device from unauthorized access by locking it with a 6-digit PIN number.

Be sure to remember your original Six-digit Pin number to authenticate the PIN reset. Also, be sure to have McAfee Antivirus security installed on your device properly. You can buy your McAfee security via www.mcafee.com/activate card for McAfee activation on your device.

Besides, you will need to make sure that your McAfee activation subscription is current before proceeding.

You will find two ways to improve or reset your PIN number through your mobile device and via McAfee.com web portal. We shall go through both process one at a time.

To improve your 6-digits McAfee Mobile Security PIN code from Cellular phone:

  1. Touch your McAfee Antivirus Mobile Security icon and open it.

  2. Go directly to the “Settings” segment

  3. Select “General Settings” button

  4. Touch “Change PIN” and follow the prompts on-screen

To reset your 6-digits McAfee Mobile Security PIN number from the net portal

  1. Go to the “MY Account” section and register to your McAfee account by entering your user ID and PIN, or by making use of your password and username

  2. Go directly to the “Settings” section

  3. Select “General Settings” button

  4. Touch “Change PIN” and follow the prompts on-screen

If protection against cyber threats is a large question, then McAfee anti-virus security is the right answer counter this threat. You are able to activate

your McAfee mobile security via www.McAfee.com/activate card.

However, if an infected website can scare prospective customers, a good one will experience vast traffic of shoppers and site visitors who take their time to investigate your products and may finish up into buying something. They visit several websites at a right time to get the best offers on what they seek online. Within their desperation, they sometimes come across websites that are just fabricated as an instrument to infiltrate your digital privacy, which is quite risky. People want to find out more about your business, services and products. It might be wise to make sure that your website is user-friendly with easy navigation and equipped with both charm and safety features. Therefore, people can revisit your site with no anything to fear anytime.

Soon, McAfee will introduce a fresh security feature that changes the browsing connection with an incredible number of customers around the world.


The list below mentions Buddy Lists, which are just supported in MMS versions sooner than version 5.2. If you work with version 5.2 or later, Buddy Lists are no supported longer.

If you're struggling to change the six-digit PIN, contact McAfee Support at 

Name of the application form (McAfee Mobile Security)

Your user name (contact number for smartphone and email for tablet)

Your registered email McAfee or address Account

The IMEI/MEID quantity of your device (Android ID for tablets)

Your registered buddy name and email address for verification

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