16 Dec

Important Highlights –

  • Google, after three years, is launching the last update for Pixel 2.
  • Previously shown, that Pixel 2 and 2 XL after October 2020 aren't ensured security updates.
  • Acquired from current devices, Pixel 3 & new update also will get an update.
  • The November 2020 security patch is the edge of the road.

Details –

The Pixel 2 has gotten its last update after three years of support from Google. Android Central has noted this update, which is a security patch or fixes, postponed November to the devices this month.The device support schedule timetable from Google shows that the Pixel 2 and 2 XL after October 2020 are not ensured security updates. In October 2017, Google reported the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. These two devices were similar all around aside from size, and they procured a lot of praise for their fairly groundbreaking camera.Google was right on time to lean toward computational photography and camera software, and the outcomes appeared in the Pixel 2. Pixel 2's single back confronting camera was from various perspectives in front of the multi-camera- toting rivalry. and it seems like November 2020 security patch is about to end.Besides a profoundly skilled camera and a generally amiable and good design, it wasn't without its inconveniences and some troubles. The screen display of Pixel 2 XL screen endured some well documented recorded troubles, including an inclination toward a blue color cast when seen at somewhat off angles. Deficiencies aside, the 2 XL and 2 will be best recognized as the mobile phones that put genuinely extraordinary image processing capacities into your pocket.  Nevertheless, time walks on further, and Pixel devices in the current market will see a December security patch showing up this week. The Pixel 3 and fresher updated new will also be receiving new features acquired from current devices, such as Extreme Battery Saver mode and adaptive sound.

Source : https://z365setup.com/google-pixel-2s-last-update/

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